Advantages Of Reusable Kids’ Water Bottles

You have probably heard of and seen more and more kids—as well as young people and adults—use their own reusable bottles to carry beverages with them instead of dispensable ones. Question is, does this trend have a real reason why it is better, or is it just empty fashion?

The answer: there are MANY reasons to choose reusable water bottles! Here is how you can benefit from kids drink bottles.

Help the environment

This one is, perhaps, the most obvious one. Dispensable water bottles make up for most of the pollution that is nowadays found in the environment—more than anything, in the ocean.

Plastic has a negative effect in all beings that live in the sea, which means that not only is it contributing to damaging the health of plants and animals, but it can also damage yours if you consume seafood!

That’s why you should try to buy as little plastic bottles as possible. When you go to a restaurant, drink something that comes in a returnable glass bottle. And when you go out, get yourself and your kids reusable ones!

Save costs in water and in bottles

You guessed it: buying a reusable water bottle also saves you some cash. To begin with, while bottled water is said to be “purer”, it can sometimes be the opposite. And either way, it’s much more expensive than the tap water you have at home, which, if you live in a place with potable tap water, you already know you can trust.

Encourage kids to drink water

Kids are all about fun. Who has the time to drink water when you could be playing instead? Well, the thing is, ingesting the necessary amount of water they need can be fun too!

Kids’ drink bottles at Ashdene and other Australian stores have amazing designs that your children will love and will want to take everywhere with them. This way, they will remember to take their bottles to school, to a friend’s house, to the park and even to a family trip. And they will actually want to use them!

Take care of your children’s health

That’s right! By using reusable drink bottles, the kids’ health can also benefit. Not only because, as we mentioned before, bottled water itself—the one you buy at the store or supermarket— can be not-as-good, but also because of the plastic.

Plastic bottles may contain substances such as BPA, which is a chemical that can seep from the bottles into the water and is believed to be damaging to children’s health. Reusable water bottles are made of BPA-free materials, so they’re safe!