Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist: Factors to Consider When Selecting a Provider

Many people struggle with their physical flaws, especially if it’s visible. For example, a chipped or misshapen tooth makes one less confident to flaunt their smile. The good thing is that modern technologies allow cosmetic dentistry, which could help patients become more confident after treatments or procedures.

But how can you ensure you’re consulting a professional cosmetic dentist? There are certain qualities you should look out for. 

To make finding your best match easier, here are factors to consider when selecting a provider.

Credentials and Experience

Just like when hiring an engineer for your future home, you should always look for necessary licenses, credentials, and proof of experience from your doctors. Reputable family physicians, pediatricians, general practitioners, and Dental & Skin cosmetic dental clinic would display special cosmetic dentistry certifications. You can also look for certifications on the relevant seminars, conferences, and workshops they have attended.

Moreover, you can also check if the dentist has professional affiliations like the Academy of Dentistry International, the Australasian Osseointegration Society, and the Australian Central Association of Dentists. 

Certified members of these associations are legitimate practitioners of dentistry. More than this, members follow a specific code of conduct per organization to preserve their membership. 

To check the experience of your dentist, ask if they have encountered the same case as yours. This way, you can rest assured that your situation is not new to them and that they can manage your case well because of their previous experience.

Range of Services Offered

An experienced cosmetic dentist would focus on restorative and cosmetic treatment than on general dental procedures. You will see some equipment in their clinic that you can’t find at the general dentist’s clinic. 

Additionally, check if they have a complete range of restorative and cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, dental bonding, porcelain veneers, gum contouring, and tooth contouring, among many others. 

Technology and Techniques

Spend time researching the facility where the cosmetic dentist works. See if the facility has a waiting area where patients can wait for their turn during busy seasons. Also, check if they have rooms available for overnight stays in case it would be necessary for you to be closely monitored. 

In addition, see that top-of-the-line cosmetic dentistry tools and equipment are in the clinic. These modern tools and equipment include intraoral cameras, chairside monitors, digital X-rays, and dental lasers. 

A cosmetic dentist’s clinic should also look like a spa. You should be able to see good lighting and luxurious lounges. While appearance can’t be a significant criterion of a dentist’s expertise, it somehow illustrates how the dentist loves performing in a sterile and presentable environment.


You know you are consulting a pro cosmetic dentist when you have heard or read many positive testimonials from previous patients. Aside from reviews on the practitioner, ensure not to miss testimonials focusing on the facility and staff. 

Additionally, also look at the dentist’s portfolio. Check out before-and-after photos and examine whether they are actual photographs and not stock or purchased photos. If you are not sure about that, you can ask the dentist upfront, so you can confirm it yourself.

Another tip: Don’t rely much on online reviews since they could be faked. It’s better to check out video testimonials so you can hear the reviews straight from the mouth of previous patients. Observe how the patients talk and their teeth look to see if the dentists did great or just bribed the patient for a testimony. 

Cost and Payment Options

It could be tempting to settle with a cosmetic dentist that charges less, but they are likely less experienced than their expensive counterparts. This could show that the dentist isn’t investing in training because they charge less and don’t have enough funds to boost their credentials. Moreover, when you settle for unbelievably low-cost procedures, you will likely receive low-quality service. 

A professional and experienced cosmetic dentist would invest in modern tools and equipment and would love to undergo training from world-class institutions. However, these come with a high cost of service for clients.

Also, look for available payment options offered by the clinic. If you can’t afford to pay the price on the spot, you can ask if they offer credit card, instalment, or third-party payment options. A reputable cosmetic dentist will allow different payment options to cater to all of their clients. 

Comfort and Convenience

Of course, you won’t want to travel far for follow-up treatments and check-ups. Make sure to search for esteemed cosmetic dentists nearby. This way, travelling to and fro the clinic wouldn’t be a hassle. Let’s say you have found a dentist in a neighbouring city and are convinced to get your treatment from that dentist; make sure you have time allowance to travel from your home before your appointment. However, emergencies could happen anytime, and if you have to travel that far to get urgent treatment, you should be thinking twice now. 

Furthermore, see that the clinic’s availability matches your available schedule. A clinic that’s always fully booked is indeed trusted, but it could be a hassle if you insist on getting the service from a clinic with a high volume of patients. 

Final Thoughts

When selecting your cosmetic dentists, ensure you have a good impression of them during the initial consultation. But more than this, take time to look into the factors we have shared here, so you can narrow down your options and get paired with the perfect provider that could satisfy your expectations.