Nourish dry hands with this natural hand care routine

Never has it been more important to practice good hand hygiene than right now. By washing your hands regularly, you can keep nasty germs and bacteria at bay.  However, overwashing your hands and overusing hand sanitisers can leave you with dry, cracked hands.

To ensure your hands stay nourished all year round, we asked the skincare experts over at INIKA Organic to share their top tips for keeping your hands moisturised for that lusciously soft touch and their recommendations on the best natural hand cream. So keep reading to learn how to soften dry hands with this natural hand care routine.

How To Prevent Dry Hands

Dry hands can be caused by various factors like overwashing, using too much hand sanitiser or other environmental stressors like temperature, wind and the weather. To avoid dry hands, here are three essentials hand care tips for at home and about:

#1 Stay Hydrated

Considering our bodies are made up of about 70% water, it’s no wonder that dehydration is the primary culprit behind parched skin. If you’re not drinking enough water throughout the day, your skin won’t retain moisture like usual. Skin needs plenty of H2O. INIKA recommends at least 2 litres of water a day and more if you’ve been exercising.

#2 Moisturise

The outside environment can wreak havoc on dry skin, with factors like weather and temperature dramatically impacting the skin. The cold air, wind, and indoor heating of colder months can cause dry skin, so regularly using a natural moisturiser can help protect your skin from environmental stressors, especially in winter.

#3 Use Natural Hand Care Products

Hand sanitisers have seen a lot more use recently, and with that comes exposure to harsh chemicals and alcohol-based formulas. These often contain many chemicals and toxins that can aggravate already sensitive or dry hands. Instead, INIKA recommends looking for a natural hand cream that contains natural ingredients to help hydrate dry hands, like Shea Butter and Coconut Oil.

Our 3-step Hand Care Routine at Home

The experts over at INIKA Organic have introduced us to a simple but effective hand care routine using their incredible range of natural and nourishing products. So if you want to learn the secrets behind how to soften dry hands, keep reading to discover our hand care routine for dry, cracked hands.

1.    Handwashing: wash and dry your hands the right way

In the new normal, you might find yourself washing your hands more frequently than you did before. While this is great for keeping germs and bacteria from getting you sick, overwashing and poor hand drying can cause more problems than they fix.

This is because damp skin and soap residue can cause dry skin on your hands and lead to cracked and irritated skin. To avoid dry skin on your hands, make sure to wash off all of the hand soap and dry your hands thoroughly each time.

Top Tip: The temperature of the water can also cause damage to the skin if it is too hot or too cold. Use warm water to wash your hands to prevent them from drying out.

2.    Exfoliation: use a gentle hand exfoliator to remove dull, dry skin

Using a gentle hand exfoliator to remove dry and flaking skin patches is a great way to soften dry hands. But, if you’re not sure how to exfoliate your hands, INIKA’s Phytofuse Renew Caviar Lime Exfoliator is a fantastic place to start. Infused with natural exfoliating ingredients to help purify pores, and proven to reduce skin roughness by 18% in 28 days.

Top Tip: Exfoliating your hands before applying your hand cream is a great way to ensure it’s easily absorbed by your body.

3.    Moisturising: recover soft hands

Often exposed to the elements, our hands are the most used parts of our bodies. Moisturising with natural hand cream helps the skin recover its natural supple texture and is a crucial step in your hand care routine.

INIKA’s Phytofuse Renew Avocado Oil Hand Cream features a powerful combination of plant oils and seed butter that instantly melts into the skin without any sticky or greasy residue. It’s powered by Rose of Jericho extract, which defends against skin dehydration. Infused with fatty acids from Coconut and Avocado Oils, INIKA’s Phytofuse Renew Avocado Oil Hand Cream can help soothe and heal the delicate skin on your hands.

Top Tip: Apply a hydrating serum, or nutrient-rich pre-treatment, before applying hand cream for an additional moisture boost.

Give dry hands the love they deserve

Unlike mainstream skincare brands that use toxins and harsh chemicals, INIKA offers natural and organic skincare and makeup is made with 100% natural ingredients, and without silicones, chemicals or nasties of any kind. INIKA Organic use only the good stuff to nourish your skin and your entire body. To find out more, head over to their website now and browse their natural skincare range!