Stacking Heavy Duty Storage Boxes: Best Practices For Safe And Secure Storage

There can be countless reasons for you to use storage boxes. It could be to pack a couple of travelling essentials as you go on a trip. Maybe it is to clear out some space and declutter your home. Whatever it is, here are a few tips you can use for your benefit:

Use The Right Sized Box

The first mistake that many people make is of using wrong sized boxes for the items. If you have small items, you can use a bigger box and pack smaller items there. However, if you have a big item, you can’t use a smaller box. Make sure to always measure your goods before buying the storage boxes to avoid such issues.

Moreover, it is not a good idea to have an oversized box for the goods. A firm placement with the packaging support will be a better choice than you have space for the items to move around.

Ensure Proper Packaging Support

Always consider the packaging support when you buy boxes for packing, even for heavy duty storage boxes. If you’re using bubble wrap, consider how thick of a layer it will create. The same applies to foam or other forms of support or cushioning.

Similarly, you should try to use proper support. A few people try to use some clothes or even folded cardboard boxes as support inside the packaging box. That won’t do a great job, and you’re essentially looking at damaging your goods.

Don’t Overpackage Your Boxes

One of the worst things that you can do to your storage box, even a heavy-duty one, is overpackaging. It is when you try to put too many things or shove items inside a box. You can risk the box bursting or damaging more than you might think. It also doesn’t look good.

This also goes for the supporting weight capacity of the box. If the weight capacity is low but the item it is carrying is heavy, you might incur damage.

Go From Big To Small Or Use Similarly Sized Boxes

If you follow different Room Decor Ideas & Trends, you will see that for storage, the common practice is to have bigger boxes at the base and then smaller boxes on top of that. This goes for any item symmetry and storage. So, make sure to follow it if you want the best organization.

If you don’t have a bigger or smaller box or want to avoid categorization, it is a good idea to use similar-sized boxes. You can place similar-sized boxes on top of each other. But make sure not to make a too tall a building or tower, that it might fall off. Make sure to use double-grid and triple-grid systems if needed.

Place Heavier Boxes At The Bottom

And this is also the tip, the same as the previous one. Even when using heavy-duty boxes, make sure that the heaviest boxes come below the lighter boxes. This will help you in the long run when you have to move stuff, uncover something, or retrieve something.