The Music, Your Surgeon, Is Listening To In the Operating Room

It might come as a surprise to you, but hearing music is a ritual that most surgeons follow while performing a surgery. Also,Dr Singh says, “we choose music with a beat.” Apparently, it is believed that listening to music relaxes your mind. And its beats produce a rhythmic vibrancy which in turn subconsciously makes the surgeons and their team act in a coordinated manner. Notable, isn’t it? So, let’s check out the kind of music your surgeon might listen to in the operating room.

Music And Its History With Healing

After the revelation was made that music enhances the performance of surgeons, many people wanted to find the truth behind it. Some backed it up with scientific facts that relate to music and science. At the same time, others traced its history and found that it has been the case since ancient times.

It is believed that the Greek god Appollo, known for music and healing, started it. Rumour has it that he used music to heal people. It could also be the case that the science of that time was so advanced that he found the relation between music & science and used it to heal people.

Undoubtedly music is used in the psychological recovery process. For instance, in burnout recovery, music is used to meditate and relax your mind. Thus, it’s possible that the beats of music enhance the thought process, which in turn improves the performance of surgeons.

Scientifically it is seen that music accelerates the growth of the brain in children. It is because it has a positive impact on the nervous system, which helps in calming the mind.

Lastly, the visible and the most believable reason is that when you listen to some music, you automatically sync yourself with the person you are listening to it with. This synchronisation is the key to everything, as the medical team needs to coordinate to perform the operation effectively.

What Kind Of Music Your Surgeon Might Be Listening to?

Keep in mind that whatever we are going to uncover in this section is strictly general in nature. It doesn’t imply any one individual. However, it could be the case for most surgeons but not all of them.

According to the reports that the most prominent music platforms have released, it has been found that 90% of surgeons like to hear melodious music. It is so because it helps in calming their mind, which in turn allows them to think clearly and quickly.

Rock And Classical Are The Ideal Music Choices

About 49% of surgeons listen to rock music, including pop music. It could be possible that the tunes of rock music keep them energised throughout the duration of the operation.

Moreover, 43% of surgeons like to listen to melodious classical kinds of music. It is also revealed that 21% of surgeons prefer hearing R&B or jazz. These reports have certainly changed the way and perception of music in people’s lives.

Bottom Line

By now, you must know the importance of music during surgery. Well, music or no music, all that the patient cares about is the precision of performing a surgery. If music works for the surgeons, then so be it. After all, it is only helping positively.