A Complete Guide To Women’s Underwear

When you dress for an important occasion, what you wear beneath plays a vital role in boosting your confidence. Especially for ladies. So, investing money to choose comfortable undies can ease your stress if you are a working woman.

However, many young women may not know anything about buying underwear. So, if you are one of those, here is a complete guide to help you select the perfect underwear.

Figure Out Your Body Type

Knowing your body type is essential to buying any piece of clothing. Also, the design or style of your dress greatly influences the type of underwear you will wear. Women who have large bellies might find themselves wearing high-waisted briefs. It covers your belly fat and gives a slimmer illusion to your figure. If you have a pear-shaped body, wearing boy shorts can help cover the lower back area.

Select The Fabric

Select the fabric that is low maintenance, such as cotton. It’s easy to wash. Also, it doesn’t slide off easily. Sometimes new silk undies might feel slippery because of their soft fabric. Silk may look fine as a day on the outside, but it may feel quite the opposite on the inside. So, do not go for them if you wear a one-piece dress.

Understand Brand Sizes

You should know that some brands have their own set of rules regarding the size. So, make sure to read their size manual before purchasing any underwear.

Firm Elastic Can Go A Long Way

When you wear underwear that has elastic, it stretches a bit. As a result, it gets loose. You can avoid this situation by selecting underwear that has firm elastic or is a little tight.

Too Tight May Cause Discomfort

You may bruise your skin if your panties are too tight. Besides, it causes irritation and itchiness in the skin, which causes great discomfort. So make sure you select underwear that’s not too tight on your skin.

Choose The Size Wisely

Make sure to measure your size before purchasing new pair of panties. Also, if the current ones are too tight, go for one larger size. Or if it’s loose, then go for one size smaller. 

A  Little Design Won’t Hurt

Since you are investing a reasonable sum of money in your undies, you might choose the ones that look a little fancy. Wearing designer panties boost your confidence. And it may work in your favour when you require a little confidence boost. Moreover, when you invest your money in expensive and stylish things, you feel pricey, which is enough to build confidence.


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