How to Dress for a Zoom Meeting?

Showing up for meetings, birthdays, and weddings at fancy venues is a thing of the past now. Video conferencing is the next big thing for years to come. But does that mean you can get away with the idea of dressing up properly? Of course, not. Especially when you have to pitch your ideas to the client or give interviews in a famous company in town.

Let’s discuss what all you can do to rock your next Zoom meetup.

However, let us make one thing clear. Your top, hairdo, and makeup matter the most since that’s the only part visible on Zoom.

  1. Choose an Appropriate Neckline

We understand most of you find deeper necks attractive, but that is only fine if you have a casual meetup with friends and family. For formal meetups, you must avoid wearing tops with lower necklines since that absolutely goes against the professional code of ethics.

Also, avoid turtle necks or basically anything that hides your neck as it makes you look like a floating head.

  • Avoid Sleeveless Blouse

Remember that you have to keep the focus on your face and not the rest of your body. We are saying this because it does happen during virtual meetings as the eye movement is different than when you meet someone in person. Always better to wear tops with sleeves even if it’s a short one.

Ventures like Misha have amazing tops that fulfil this criterion perfectly.

  • A Different Color than Your Background

It will always be a bad idea to wear exactly the same colour as the wall behind you or the back of your chair. Webcams are not very high-resolution and it seems like you have camouflaged and this just distracts others. Always go for colours that do not belong to the same colour family or simply make sure that it’s a completely different tone even if it’s from the same group of colours.

  • Wisely Choose a Fabric

Shiny and glittery fabrics are big no when it comes to video conferencing. The quality of the webcam makes the shine appear in weirdest of ways so it is just off the list.  Fabrics like crepe, polyester knit, and jersey are perfect when you are seeing someone online. Also, these fabrics are super low maintenance and you can easily get them from any fashion retailer around you.

  • Happy Prints and Colors

There should be some degree of happy distraction when you are out there meeting your peers on the internet. Feel free to wear bright colours if your room does not have loud and bright lights right on your face or above your head. Also, it won’t look very striking as webcams are not high-resolution. Lively prints and colours are great if the background is dull.

With all that, don’t forget to wear a good amount of confidence and smile. Your energy is just as important as your dress up game. People will just be looking at your face so make sure your words and body language are well-aligned.

Also, just remember to follow effortless fashion.