Get Ready For Your Close-Up: How Cosmetic Dental Can Help You Look And Feel Your Best

The first thing a stranger notices in you is your smile. People have this tendency to judge others by the appearance of their smiles. If the smile is bright and shiny, then it means that the person is responsible and gives importance to self-grooming. If it is crooked and unpleasant, then it means that the person is highly irresponsible and unorganised. Due to such perceptions, many people who have socialising as their primary affair in their professional life prefer correcting their smile.

Cosmetic dentistry has proven to transform, reshape, and reconstruct teeth entirely to enhance your smile and make it look appealing to others. To achieve the results that you want, it’s important to choose the right cosmetic dentist. Stumbling upon such information can make you curious about improving your smile. So, in this blog, we will discuss how cosmetic dental Toorak can help you look and feel your best using different cosmetic dental procedures.

Avoid Teeth Decay With Inlays And Onlays

Inlays and onlays are dental procedure that helps in treating teeth with moderate decay or bad structure. The inlays are usually placed on the surface of the teeth when there is no damage to the tooth cusps. However, if the cusp is damaged, then it is supported by an onlay so that it will cover the tooth’s surface. Inlays and onlays are created in a dental laboratory by professional experts.

Earlier, they were made of gold, but now you can have them made with ceramic or porcelain material. This procedure effectively prevents teeth deterioration, restoring tooth shape and providing support to teeth.

Improve Your Smile Using Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are customised caps that are made from medical-grade ceramic. These caps go over your teeth to provide them support and hide any imperfections. They are effective in resolving issues related to crooked or cracked teeth, gaps between the teeth and damaged enamel.

Dentists apply these veneer caps on the front of the tooth and use dental adhesive to make them stay. Dental veneers are useful when you want to improve your smile, as they hide damaged teeth.

Composite Bonding For Decayed Or Discolored Teeth

Composite bonding is a procedure through which a material has been created that acts as your tooth enamel colour. Thus, this procedure benefits those with decayed or discoloured teeth. In order to apply the composite on the teeth’s surface, your cosmetic dentist will drill out the decayed part of your tooth.

Once the decayed part is out, the dentist then sculpts the teeth using the material (composite) which resembles tooth enamel. Once the teeth are sculpted in the right shape, high-intensity light is used to make the composite sit on the tooth’s surface firmly. This step is known as the binding process.

Replace Lost Or Damaged Teeth With Dental Implants

Sometimes the tooth is damaged to the point that it’s beyond salvageable. In such cases, you have only one option left, and that is to replace the damaged or lost teeth. Dental implants are inserted using a titanium screw in the jaw. The screw serves as the crown’s support. After the procedure, the supporting tissue and bone fuse with the dental implants. This makes the screw and crown permanently secure and firm in one place.

Have Bright Smile With Teeth Whitening Procedures

Some eating and drinking habits can cause your teeth to look yellow. Eating tobacco and smoking can result in accumulating plaque or another debris-like thing on your teeth. You can get rid of such problems with the help of teeth whitening procedures. It is the most sought-after treatment of dental care. There are so many people who suffer from tooth discolouration.

It is a procedure that requires minimal visits to the dentist and can be carried out in a single sitting with your dentist. The process involves removing tartar and plaque from the tooth’s surface. It helps in restoring the natural appearance of the teeth. After this, bleaching agents are used to whiten the teeth to provide a light shade.

Gum Contouring For Gummy Smile

If you have a gummy smile, it can look unpleasant and make you self-conscious while smiling. Although people who do not engage in social events do not require it, if you are a public figure or want to improve your smile, then you can do so with the help of gum contouring. Gum contouring re-sculpts the gum and cuts out the extra tissue, which causes a gummy smile.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the procedures through which dentists in Toorak can help you look and feel your best. They have all the treatments available for you related to enhancing your smile and improving the appearance of your teeth.