How Powerful Is A Gel Blaster?

Gel blasters, what a great way to spend time with friends or family playing this adrenaline-rushed-based game. Every time you lose, you want to play more. Since the release of gel blasters, their popularity has increased drastically, given the appeal of the gun. They look like the exact replica of real-life guns. So you won’t be disappointed with their outlook and function of them.

There are two types of gel blasters one is electric-powered, and the other is gas-powered. Both use water beads and hydrogel balls as their ammo. Here are some points explaining their strengths and characteristics.

Gel Blasters- A Short Description

Being the exact replica of real-life guns, they come in all shapes and sizes, and you can add attachments just like with real guns. From handguns- pistols, assault, marksmen, sniper, and shotguns every type of gun is available in both electric and gas-powered versions. Electric-powered works with a rechargeable battery, and gas-powered works with a small gas canister/cylinder that puts pressure behind the bullet. They both use gel-based ammo.

How Powerful is A Gel Blaster?

Electric-powered gel blasters attain their power from lithium batteries and gas-powered from pressure cylinders. Both the quality and size have a huge effect on the power delivered behind the bullet. When it comes down to these guns, Power is measured in terms of FPS; the higher the FPS of a gun, the more power it has.

Driving Factors Of Electric Powered Gel Blaster

As we know, electric-powered works on lithium-ion batteries. They are responsible for putting the power behind the bullet. Still, there are some other important factors deciding the velocity of the bullet after it leaves the muzzle.

  •  The more volts in the battery and the size of the battery, the higher the power is.
  • Spring and motor- Spring is the key factor here in deciding the power behind the bullet; the tighter and stronger the spring is, the more power it can generate. A normal Electric powered can fire around 125-150 fps.

For Gas Powered

The main factor in electric power is the spring, and motor gas power solely gets its power from compressed gas which is in the gas cylinder and mostly comprises natural gases or co2. The better the delivery of pressure from the gas cylinder to the bullet, the more power the gun delivers.

Normal gas-powered can fire up to an FPS of 240 -280 fps, it’s not enough to penetrate any part of the body, but it can sting a little wherever it gets hit.

Most Powerful Gel Blaster

UnlocX, M4A1, and CYMA sport AR are some of the most potent Blasters out there in the market.


The bigger and better the driving factor of a gel blaster is, the more firepower is behind the trigger. Electric power can be a bit of trouble to deal with in case it gets wet or you lose a wiring. On the other hand, gas power can last a lifetime with simple oiling, and you can play continuously for as long as you have the compressed cylinders with you.

In spending equal money on both variants, you will see gas-powered has more power compared to electric ones. If you want to buy this gun, you can get gel blaster pistols at Tactical Edge.