Tom Ford: Style Lessons We Learn from the Designer

Tom Ford is many things, but above all, he is a fashion designer who has had a huge influence on this industry. He always has something wise to say, and his morsels of wisdom become style lessons for the world. So, here are a few things that Tom Ford has taught us about fashion and style.

Always Choose Comfort

Each person has a different definition of comfort, so wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable in your own skin is always a good idea. This means that if you have to wear a certain type of clothing frequently, it better be something you feel comfortable wearing.

Shoes are the Reflection of Your Personality

No outfit is complete without shoes. You can use them as a tool to show off your personality in addition to improving your appearance. So, choose the shoes that match your style.

Have Confidence in Your Choices

Don’t doubt your choices. If you are confident and sure about your outfit, go ahead and wear it. Even if you are not comfortable taking risks, you can still project confidence while playing it safe.

Overthinking Leads Nowhere

Never hesitate to put on your outfit if you’ve already made up your mind about it. You will never reach the point of wearing it if you keep questioning the combination of various patterns and styles that you have chosen.

Full-Length Mirror are Essential

You can style your clothes better by using full-length mirrors. When you can look at your reflection from head to toe, it gets easier to find better ideas for styling yourself. These mirrors are designed for you to focus on your outfit more than your face, so having one is essential if you wish to improve your style.

Cropped Suits are Not as Stylish as They Sound

Cropped suits may be trending, but there is nothing stylish about them, according to Tom Ford. He disapproves of the notion that a jacket hem that exposes a man’s back could be considered attractive.

Good Manners Dictate That You Dress Well

The way you dress goes a long way to show whether you possess good manners. Showing up in sweats to a cocktail party is not appropriate, so you need to dress according to the dress code. That is only good manners.

Put in the Effort to Get Things Just Right

If you want to look like you are wearing the outfit and not the other way around, you need to understand that little adjustments, a tweak here and there, are completely normal and even necessary to get things right.

Minimalism is Key

Jewellery and other accessories can be used to enhance your look, but you need to take a minimalist approach while selecting them. Too much bling takes the focus away from your outfit, while minimalistic accessories complement it.


These were just a few of the lessons we learned from the designer who has revolutionised the fashion industry in his own way. His witty comments are both amusing and educational, and if you pay attention to them, they can reveal a lot about the depth of knowledge the designer has and is willing to share. To get a taste of the designer’s fashion sense, you can get Tom Ford suits at Harrolds.