How To Choose A Diamond

Diamond is a rare gemstone, and this factor makes the jewel expensive. But the rarity of diamonds doesn’t mean that you do not have anything to choose from. Instead, you get plenty of choices, from the cut to the brilliance to the colour. Selecting the diamond which is right for you is a personal choice.

Having said that, there are still some deriving factors that you should consider in order to get the best of what you can get. In this guide, you will get step-by-step instructions on how to choose the perfect diamond for you. So, if you want to gain knowledge, keep reading this article till the end.

Decide The Shape Of The Diamond

The main thing that can make a lot of difference is the shape you choose for the diamond. Of course, a diamond is enough in itself, but poor selection of the shape can compromise its beauty.

Also, the preference of the person you buy or for whom you are buying it matters. For instance, an oval cut gives the illusion of a bigger diamond than it actually is. If you are confused about what shape to go for, round or princess cut are your safe options. 

Set The Carat Weight Limit

Since you will select the designs and other factors of the diamond, you need to tell the seller about the minimum and the maximum carat weight you are looking for.

Start From The Highest Quality Diamond

Once you know the shape and the carat weight you are looking for in the diamond, you can start the selection process. Know that diamonds are a good investment, so you can select them accordingly, as they will always be expensive, and the price will increase with time. Tell the shape and the carat weight you want in a diamond, and start by looking for the highest quality.

The first thing you can compromise on is clarity. Anything as low as VS2 will do. Once you hit that, you can start the concession on the colour. H should be the lowest point in that area. Lastly, you can make some concessions in shape. For instance, if you have chosen a round, then you can go to the point very well. The scale of good is suitable for other fancy cuts.

Sort The Selected Diamonds

Once you have all the selected diamonds, you can select the ones that come within your budget. If, after all the concessions you have made in the previous steps, your diamond still doesn’t fall in your budget, then consider changing the shape of the diamond. You might get the exact same diamond in your budget with a different shape.

Make Sure To Shop From A Reliable Seller

The most important thing is to have to make your purchase from a reliable store. If the seller is reputed, then you can trust them for advice. Sometimes the seller gives you the most sound advice according to the budget because of their expertise. For reliable jewellers, check out diamond jewellery in Melbourne.

Bottom Line

So, these are the steps you should consider while selecting a diamond. Since it’s a pricey purchase, you must cover all the basics. Otherwise, you might lose on the best alternative. Do not make finalise your pick in a hurry. Take your time with the process and then come to a decision.