Top 5 Sweets With Nutella

Everyone has a sweet tooth; some act on it while others do not. If you enjoy sweet desserts after a meal or in between meals, you might always be on the lookout for new delicious sweets. If not always, then you might want to try something new during the festival season.

Christmas is around the corner, and the festive vibes make you think about delicious cakes, cheesecake, fudge and pudding. Well, if the same is happening to you, then you are just at the right place. Today we are going to list the top 5 mouth-watering sweets with Nutella.

1. Nutella Brownies

The best part about Nutella brownies is that you do not need to add melted chocolate or cocoa to them. Just add some Nutella, and your brownies will taste like rich chocolate. Besides, Nutella’s consistency is quite thick compared to other cocoa or melted chocolate mixtures. Thus, the brownies you get are the fudgiest ones.

2. Nutella Mug Cake

As mentioned earlier, festive vibes make you think about the delicious things out there. So, you need to be a little more creative when it comes to the cake. Nutella mug cake is just the thing you might need this festive season. It helps you skip the whole blending process of mixing sugar, melted butter and egg together. You only have to let Nutella do its job, as it can provide all the richness you need in the cake.

3. NO-Bake Nutella Bars

If you only have around 15-20 minutes, then these quick no-bake Nutella bars can help you. All you need is only 5 ingredients. However, to serve them, you will have to wait till the bars get adequately frozen. Or if you do not have even a minute to spare, then you can order Nutella ice cream cake by Cold Rock online.

4. No-Bake Nutella Fudge

Baking can consume a lot of your time. Many times people wish that they could skip that step and enjoy the scrumptious bite of fudge. Well, consider that your wish has come true because of Nutella. You can scoop the fudge layer into balls and cover them with additional chocolate to make the fudge thicker. The best part is that you do not need to boil the sugar.

5. Nutella Pastry Twists

All you need for this recipe is the right kind of puff pastries and some chopped nuts. Rest, you can leave it to the Nutella. These are ideal for serving at the gathering. You can also use your own toppings to make them look more appealing.

Final Thoughts

Nutella has made it easier to experiment with desserts. The more you experiment, the more new ideas you get. Also, you do not have to worry about getting it right the first time. If you do not get it right, it is still going to taste good. So, little experimenting won’t hurt. After all, you never know. Maybe you will discover the most delicious desert in the process.