What to pack when visiting Melbourne in Winter

Going anywhere in winter is just like a tough job because of so many reasons. Even after putting a lot of thought and effort into packing stuff for the travel, many people miss out on important stuff to pack. This certainly causes discomfort when you see the basic stuff missing in your suitcase. Sometimes, you are able to buy the missing product and sometimes, your luck is not by your side and you have to find other ways to deal with the issue. Due to this, the entire trip is spoiled and you are no longer able to enjoy the tour to the fullest.

If you are travelling to Melbourne in winters, then here are a few simple things to pack.

Waterproof Jacket and Boots

It can rain anytime when you are visiting Melbourne in winters, so make sure you have all the safety gear with you to avoid inconvenience. Apart from an umbrella, we recommend you to have a waterproof jacket and boots. Not having such items with you may make you fall sick and this is certainly not an option when you are travelling around.

Warm Beanies

Whether you are travelling to Melbourne or any other part of the world in winter, a warm beanie is a must-have. You really wouldn’t want to get endless headaches due to severe cold and harsh winter winds. Wearing a cap saves you from the wrath of winters. Buy one before you travel in case you don’t have a beanie.


Keep a couple of pairs of gloves if you want to get through the trip without getting frostbites. It is ideal to keep one pair with you at all times so that you can wear whenever the need arises and you don’t have to go through the pain of stiff hands.

Leg Warmers

A warm layer on the outside is not going to help when you are not wearing leg warmers. It is necessary during the winters because it is difficult to walk around when your legs are not warm enough as severe cold causes muscle tension.

Long-Sleeved Shirts

You must have warm long-sleeved shirts to wear under the coat. The shirts are also going to help when you feel the need to take off your coat during any part of the day. The long sleeves will save you from the winds and chill in the air.

Muffler and Scarves

Do pack mufflers and scarves to keep your chest and neck covered as cold usually attacks the chest first. Pack one which you can conveniently wrap around your neck without feeling suffocated. Make sure the material of the scarf is comfortable, so you are at ease when wearing it. Don’t go for fur if you suffer from illnesses like asthma or allergies.

Having said that, you don’t have to over-layer because that might make you feel suffocated or sick. Also, some people feel colder than others, so look at your requirements rather than noticing what others are wearing. If you don’t have any of these items, then you can order yours from brands like A-COLD-WALL clothing.