How to Choose the Perfect Freestanding Spa Bath for Your Bathroom

A refreshing bath is just as important as any other thing in a daily routine. Having a good bath has a lot of impact on your mood throughout the day, making it of great significance. From old vintage bear claw bathtubs to modern-era freestanding bathtubs there are a lot of good choices to choose from.

Freestanding bathtubs have modern-day aesthetics to them that look fancy and act as decorative pieces. Freestanding bathtubs can be put anywhere since they don’t require a wall to attach to. Not only do they come with a fancy look but can be extremely comfortable if you make the right choice, here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect freestanding bathtub for your bathroom.

Get The Dimensions Right

Knowing the measurement of your bathroom is very important, the size of your bathroom will give you an idea of what dimension of the freestanding bathtub you can place in it. There should be enough room in the bathroom to freely go anywhere with your bathroom installed.

Freestanding bathrooms were mostly associated with grand homes since they require ample space, but now due to increasing popularity, they are available in all varieties, sizes and styles to be used in urban homes.

Choose The Style That Complements Your Bathroom

Since freestanding bathtubs gained popularity over the years, they are available in many styles. From the designer’s point of view, you should choose the one that serves both aesthetics and function. Nobody wants to remodel their bathroom just because of a bathtub, choosing the one should be easy since there are many options to choose from that compliments your bathroom.

Choose The Material Wisely

Depending on the material of the freestanding bathtub its weight will vary. Acrylic and fibreglass are one of the lightest, stones and porcelain enamelled being the heaviest. Choosing the material wisely is important since you have to consider if your floor can handle all that weight on it. It’s not only the weight of the bathtub but also the water that will be inside it along with your weight, choose the material that is safe and secure for you.

Do Not Forget The Faucet

Choose the faucet that compliments your bathtub and bathroom. Many bathtubs come with a faucet, so make sure you are getting the entire set right since faucets can be pricey and it would be a waste of money if it didn’t suit your design’s layout.

Consider The Comfort With Fancy Appeal

When buying a freestanding tub, look for the slope at the back end of the tub as it’s comfortable. Tall people might want to monitor the design closely as they will have to sit in a straighter position.

Give your bathtub a finishing touch with LEDs if the shower is installed. It is a great way to personalise your bathtub making it a focal point.


The bathroom is one of those places in the house that can really make a huge impact on your entire house. Knowing what you want and what you can have makes all the difference in the world to choose the right thing. If you are looking for freestanding bathtubs, discover freestanding spa baths at  Cass Brothers for some amazing deals and the best designs for your bathroom.