Why Cricket Is A Great Sport For All Ages

Cricket is one such sport which almost everyone likes. And it’s hard to find someone who has never heard of this sport. The reason for it is that it has a rich history of hundreds of years. The game originated in England but managed to make its impression all over in Australia, India, Pakistan, West Indies and South Africa.

Just like football, cricket has broken many norms, including its barriers regarding age and gender. You can either play this game socially or competitively. Not to mention, playing cricket has several benefits regarding health. All these factors make cricket an excellent sport for all ages. So, if you want to know why cricket is a great sport for all ages, then keep on reading, as this article will shed light on this matter.

Strategic Game

Cricket is a sport that is most commonly known for its team spirit. It is so because, in order to win this game, you need a sound strategy. And anyone who can think reasonably can come up with that. This is the primary reason why it is an ideal sport for all kinds of age groups.

Also, this game can be played among parties who have similar mental and physical capacities. For instance, adults won’t prefer to play with kids. On the other hand, kids will prefer playing with their own age group. As a result, like-minded players with relatively similar physical strengths formulate strategies to win the game.

It offers a Variety Of Formats.

The format of the game keeps on updating. As a result, you get a variety of formats to follow if you want to play a game. Any age group who seems to find a particular format suitable can go ahead with it. For instance, old people prefer a five-day test battle. Also, 50-over white-ball matcher are considered commonplace, which was earlier regarded as a controversial theme.

Bowling Or Batting Are Your Choices

Obviously, once a player has done his bowling or batting, that player can’t go again. However, it’s highly unlikely that players listed in the end for batting or bowling will get a chance. Thus, if you are not into bowling, then you can decide to go at last. You can do the same thing with batting. This flexibility makes it popular among all kinds of age groups.

Easy To Learn

The game is easy to learn as so many factors are at play here, from formulating a strategy to bowling and batting. You do not need to put your focus on one aspect of this game. Rather you need to give your little-little efforts to all its aspects. This is the reason why kids easily learn cricket.

It Has A Rich History

To be honest, cricket has a rich history. Its history makes it stand out. Elderly people love to play cricket because of their childhood days as they used to play it. Whereas, because of its long-lasting history, it dramatically impacts youngsters. Also, as all the youngsters love this sport, they have made it popular. Due to its popularity, it enters the vicinity of kids. Thus, rounding up all sorts of age groups. 


So, these are the reasons why cricket is still relevant to this day and has a great grasp on all ages. The game offers versatility and flexibility. Due to these reasons, all age groups can mould the rules as they find fit for themselves. Hence, the popularity of the game. If all this discussion has made you want to play cricket, then you can certainly do so. If you do not have the right gear for it, then you can Buy Cricket Equipment – Kookaburra Australia.